A City Like No Other

Fantom City

One City One World One People

Everyone in DEFI (decentralized crypto finance) Can Prosper

After all... that is why Bitcoin came about.

The Fantom City Metaverse will always be a place to learn, earn and play.

We want to ensure that everyone in the world has the opportunity to participate in the crypto world. By providing the knowledge of how to acquire crypto currency and other crypto assets, we believe we can help many who do not yet understand how easy it actually is to get involved.

Fantom City will be governed by it’s citizens, not politicians or board members. Anyone can acquire a PLOT (or parcel of land) to build a home or business on. And a single Plot can grow as large as you want. Every Plot is granted One Vote.

Small businesses will be limited to 5 Plots, while large Corpserations will be limited to 10 Plots maximum per wallet address, therefore their voting power is maxed at 10 votes. Corpse Wallets can not be combined with other Corpse wallets. And beware, inactive citizens may have their plots deemed vacant and relocated to a ghost town.

The Verse is ready to Break out

Let my Crypto Grow

You may call me a Cryptocrat but I strongly believe that Crypto Assets are the venue to a cross – culture, cross – commerce path to a worldwide citizenship.

Crypto is in the future of every Citizen in the World.

Just check out the money making opportunities in DEFI

A City Being Built For It's Citizens

City Planning

For a decentralized community of crypto users around the world.

Designed with equality for all.

Every Fantom city block consists of 10 parcels. 5 on each side of the street. Streets can never be built over. EVER!

Named streets with addresses run East and West. Numbered streets run North and South and do not have addresses. Therefore every city block consist of 10 parcels…Always. 

While 10 parcels can be bound together to form a Super Skyscraper all 10 parcels must remain intact. The height of any  Skyscrapers will be determined by Market Cap.

City Blocks can not be created more than 2 blocks in advance. Meaning all the parcels in block 200 must be populated before block 400 can become available. The north side can not grow faster than the South side of Fantom City. And the East side can not grow faster than the West Side. This will assure that Fantom House will always remain in the heart of the City, surrounded by Fantom Park, which is always connected to Fantom Bay.

The Nephilium

 – Fantom City’s Sports Coliseum will reside in the clouds above the city and is owned by all the active citizens of Fantom City and they will have 100% voting power and receive emissions from all sporting events.

Furbs (Suburbs) will be created for residential properties only. Every plot in the Furbs will have one vote just like the plots in the inner city. 

Transportation will be handled by the Fantom Network and can charge a toll for use of GOTH  portals (GO-To-Here Portals).

For instance… if you are sitting at home and decide to go out. You could put on your TARG (Avatar), step up to a GOTH Portal where you will choose your destination. 

On the GO To Here (GOTH) screen you will see a list of your favorite places to visit, and when you choose one you will be prompted to insert one GOTH token for transportation to commence.  

Then you will be in the Mall – China, Mall – Russia, Mall – USA, at the latest DEFI project, in your Kids School Room or perhaps in the Coliseum.
Or if I am lucky you will want to GOTH to my shops, to buy some NFT’s and Tokens, down on:
05 Poppyseed Street, Fantom City.